Bottle vase – Klaas Kuiken

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Mass produced green glass bottles will get new individual shapes when designer Klaas Kuiken works with them. He blows them one by one into unique objects.
He started his project with the question “Are there any irregularities in mass production?” He discovered those irregularities in glass bottles: when cutting the bottle, the wall thickness was found to be different every time.

To emphasize those differences he developed his own technique of glassblowing, by using of an oven, adapted by himself, and a compressor. By blowing up the bottle the glass bulges more at places where the thickness of the walls is thinner and less at places where it’s thicker.
Dimensions: height ca. 31cm
Material: re-blown glass

* Every Bottle is handblown, each object is different from one another, even when the modeltype is the same.

Afmetingen 20 × 31 cm
Vase name

DD groen, DD transparant glas, M12, M14, M15, V2

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