Guardenza Starter Kit


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The Guardenza beard starter kit contains everything you will need to keep your beard clean, groomed and well in shape. Whether it’s the first time you grow your beard, or you’re a beard veteran, our starter kit contains everything you’ll need to keep your beard in top condition every day.

Set includes:

  • Beard oil – Valdivian (30ml)
  • Beard & Face wash – Valdivian (250ml)
  • Beard brush

Guardenza, a Dutch brand, founded in 2016 with the aim of expressing a man’s uniqueness. Guardenza helps you achieve a well-groomed and healthy “look & feel”. With the nature as inspiration, we are increasingly exploring the properties and workings of natural ingredients and integrating this into contemporary care products. That is why we started developing products that are not only PURE, but also EASY TO USE and EFFECTIVE IN RESULTS.

Through scientific research and various studies we have developed a very effective care line that is specifically aimed at the specific demands and needs of the man. Products that are sustainable for people, the environment and the world around us. From beard and hair care to shaving and skin care.

We are regularly working on new developments and innovation. So visit our website regularly to keep up to date!

Why use chemicals when it can be made natural? Our mission is to show the world that natural care products can perform better than products that are full of harmful chemicals.

All our products are carefully made by hand and contain natural ingredients, where possible with organic and local ingredients. we never test on animals and our products are free from parabens and sulphates. We have designed our products in such a way that the user experiences results very quickly. This is why we use unrefined ingredients in our products. The ingredients are obtained without the use of high temperature or chemicals and thus retain their subtle smell, color and nutritional value. Our entire line has been tested and developed personally to ensure performance and quality.

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