Sgraffito panel – Raquel Rodríquez


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This panel is made by Artisanstucco – Raquel Rodríguez Puebla.

Making ceramics since 2001, Raquel Rodríguez Puebla has developed two product lines with the aim of turning conventional objects into pieces of art that become a routine of your daily life.

A line of traditional architectural elements such as wall mural tiles and lattices, and a line of everyday objects like lamps and bottles with an sculptural approach and porcelain potter wheel bowls, inspired by the traditional islamic architecture of southern Spain and with a strong Japanese influence.

This ceramic, made of stoneware and porcelain with self formulated glazes, will be the perfect match for  your wall. The architectural elements can be part of your sgraffito mural, providing contrast texture, volume and movement. The pieces of household goods, are the perfect ornament to contrast and complement the texture and luminosity of your wall.

At the moment Raquel is showing her ceramic lamps and a piece of sgraffito in De OPkikker. De lamps have small holes where the light shines beautifully through.

If you have interest in bying this panel, please contact us. It is not possible to send this panel as a parcel.

Size lamps

L H47, M H41

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