Natural Memories co

Zoyee van de Kamer is de oprichtster van Natural Memories co. En dit is haar verhaal: Natural Memories co was founded in 2021, but the first seed was planted years ago. When I bought a necklace at a small shop in The Hague. It was a blue/purple Hydrangea epoxy necklace, it caught my eye because it reminded me of my family. It reminded me of my grandma, my dad and my sister. When I was little we always bought Hydrangea’s for our grandma, and so it started to become one of my favorite flowers. What was so nice about this flower in the epoxy was that it would always be there, saved in the necklace. And that’s what I want to share with others! One of my other favorite flowers are daisy’s because they always grew in my dads garden… not planted… but just there. And poppy’s because they can’t be taken from the ground… they instantly fall apart. Because of my busy brain (call it ADHD or something else) I find it hard to find focus unless it’s something I’m really excited about. And I’m so happy I did, I found something really exciting to put my mind to! It didn’t take me long to just start Natural Memories co and here we are… On my lovely journey to succes.

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