Kleine kopjes – ‘Kurinuki’ tumblers



Sepideh Jahanpanah founded Desert Spirit in the autumn of 2020. She is an artist and a ceramicist currently living and working in The Hague. Each piece from Desert Spirit is unique and will always carry the traces of her hands and tools with them.


After years of observation of what fascinates me in the nature and studying the visual aspect of the natural phenomena in their natural or artificial environments, I’ve become strongly inspired by the juxtaposition of organic forms and colours.

Using the skills that I have been developing through out my life, I started to make things with my hands towards a new approach. Every piece is hand-built from clay and fired twice at high temperature. Sepideh uses traditional techniques such as Kurinuki, with the shapes and patterns in het work resembling processes of organic growth and decay found in nature. The result being in the last couple of years to practicing clay visualising my emotions for the world, nature, life and death in three dimensional forms.

Gewicht 0.5 kg
Afmetingen 10 × 10 × 10 cm



ø6 x 6h


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klei+wit, klei+blauw

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